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Tough Decision

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I need some advice please. I am currently 7 months pregnant, working full time and my daughter is in a wonderful daycare full time. Pre school is starting next week and I can't decide if I should enroll her or leave her in daycare. Her daycare has an approved preschool program, however when I go on maternity leave she will not be able to attend daycare. I am worried about that six weeks she won't be learning. I will be able to work with her, but with a newborn, I can't give her 100% of my attention. Does anyone have any opinions or advice on which is better. Or any personal experiences. Preschool or daycare? Also, all of the other children my daughter's age at the daycare are all going to start preschool. She will be the oldest child left. I almost feel like by not sending her, I am depriving her of a good start to a good education. I am so confused about what to do.
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First of all congrats on the coming baby!!!!

I would put her in preschool. I'm a biggie PS advocate so.... thats what I would do.
Why can't she go to the daycare while your on maternity leave? I don't do preschool, so I would probably say keep her with you, but that's only my opinion.
I do daycare in my home, so we already do all the preschool stuff. And actually, the girls kept very busy when I had my daughter in May. I had bought some new things for them to do, and it worked out nice!
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i say if she is well adjusted to daycare and NOT moving her to preschool would cause a 6 week time frame that she would not be able to attend then send her to daycare....

if all the other kinds in her class are moving up then why hold her back if she is ready?
It sounds like you're really comfortable with her daycare, personally it sounds like maybe you should keep her in there for now.

This sounds like the last time in your life you would need complications from a new scenario.

If you feel that the daycare is really providing inferior education and your daughter would truly miss out, maybe you should reconsider. But, it doesn't sound like that's the case.

Maybe you are letting the decisions of other parents make you less confident in your own, a little bit?

And... 6 weeks of staying home with you? It ain't like she's going to miss algebra lessons, ya know?
If it were me, I wouldn't worry about that six weeks.
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