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toxic poop

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Sometimes my daughter's poop really irritates her butt. If it's on her skin more than a few minutes, it's almost like it eats away at her skin in little spots and makes her bleed.
If one of these poops goes unnoticed for a while (say, 30 minutes), it can get pretty bad and be painful for her during the diaper change. It clears up pretty easily with weleda cream or lanolin and frequent changes. She never had rashes like this before solid food and formed poops. She still gets most of her nutrition from bm, but also eats carrots, squash, oatios, bananas, blueberries, spinach, veggie booty, applesauce, oatmeal, green beans, black beans, and a few other things here and there. Do any of these foods look like a problem food to you? Any ideas for how I can prevent this?
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blueberries were hard on my first dd. she loves them but to this day, they can upset her digestion so we have to limit them.

I have trouble with carrotts now and again...not sure why, but sometime they bother my digestion.

You can try to keep a food diary to see if you notice a problem after a particular may help.

I also noticed that when the girls have colds their bms get yucky...or teething
My daughter gets nasty rashes when she is teething.
She just had another one (3 bad poops in one day! yikes!) and it had lots of chunks of steamed carrot in it. Could food that comes out still chunky be irritating? Also, she still doesn't have any teeth, and we've been thinking we're seeing teething signs for 10 months!
this can be a sign of a food allergy/intolerance. The food you mentioned that seemed the most problematic to me was the veggie booty. IIRC it's made from puffed corn, a highly processed grain, and a common allergen (I used to eat it, but found out I am sensitive to it). But honestly, it could be any food. I would try to eliminate the likely suspects for a week and see if it makes any difference. Teething poops can be irritating (my son gets a red bottom occasionally from it), but bleeding sounds like more than just teething rash (though I am no expert on bum rashes
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Rachel got very bad diarrhea from blueberries at that age. I agree that it looks like it could be a food sensitivity.
I think I should start a food diary. I don't THINK it could be blueberries--I think she's had poops like this since before she started eating them, but I could be wrong. I certainly hope that's not it--we live in Maine! And have wild blueberries all over the peoperty!
DS has the same thing, usually when he's fighting something. Like now. He's still a bit pink on the bum from a disgusting poop while at the library yesterday. He's currently fighting off a summer cold or something-he's stuffy and is having some bad post nasal stuff going on.

What usually works to keep it down for us is a little genetian violet, then a little bit of vaseline or thick lotion to act as a barrier. That after his backside has had a good dose of fresh air!
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DS gets poops like that from cows' milk. And unfortunately, they seem to last for several days after we stop giving him the milk. It made it confusing as to what was causing the toxic poops (good phrase btw, ha!), so we didn't confirm what was causing it until we tried milk a second time and he got a second rash.

I agree that a food diary is a good idea! It might be challenging, though, to nail down exactly what's causing it, if your DD has the same extended reaction time as my little guy. You might want to do an elimination diet, where you start by giving her only one type of food for 3 days, then introduce one more for three days, etc. PITA, but could be worth it.
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