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Waldorf Doll Making Instructions

by LaLa

Learn the basic of creating your own Waldorf Style dolls at home and encourage re-using and sharing knowledge!
Make your own 12-13" Simple starter doll. Basic instructions for beginners. I hope you enjoy creating these loving dolls for your family as much as we do.

Making the Head-First you'll need to gather your materials together. For a standard 12-13" doll, you'll need: 7"x7" Skin colored Square (if you can't find skin color, use a square of old t-shirt, dyed with Tea to reach the desired color), cotton string or dental floss, stockingette (You can easily make this by sewing some stretch knit fabric together on one side, leaving top and bottom open. Make it 2"x11"), Wool or PolyFill for stuffing.

Stuffing the Head-Tie off one end of your stockingette. Turn it inside out, and stuff it with a tightly packed ball of wool. It should measure about 10" around for a 12-13 inch doll.
Creating a Neck-Tie a string tightly under the rounded ball of wool inside the stockingette. This is the neck. Now tie the bottom of the stockingette shut.

Making the Eye Line-Tie a long piece of string or floss around the dolls face to create an eye line. The placement should be about the middle of the doll head. Nose- If you want a nose on your doll, sew a bead onto the stockingette at this step. The skin will cover it and it will look like a little nose

Adding the Skin-Take your 7"x7" square of skin fabric and pull it snugly around the doll face and neck with the lines of the fabric going vertically with the face. Sew it together from the top to the bottom, and then sew it around under the neck to keep it snug and in place. It should be sewn tightly, no wrinkles in the skin. Cut off extra fabric.

Creating the Neck-Tie another piece of string over the neck area to re-emphasize the neck.

Facial Features-Mark your eyes and mouth with pins to place them where you like. The eyes should be on the eye line, and the mouth should be half way down between the eye line and the bottom of the head. You'll need a long embroidery needle to get through the head, and embroidery floss.

Sewing Facial Features-Enter from the back with your embroidery floss and sew an eye, looping over and back under the eye line. Leave enough floss in the back to tie off with once you're finished with the eye. You can do horizontal, vertical, feminine (one horizontal, one diagonal, one vertical - looks like lashes). Your choice will make this doll have a style that is yours alone! Tie it off in the back, cut the excess string, and continue with the other eye and lips.

Sewing the Body-For a body, I make a simple one piece body suit that I draw onto my fabric (using the pre-made head as a guide for size). You can shape your body as a human, a star, a heart, a moon, whatever your heart desires! Draw it onto your fabric, and then sew around the draw line with your machine, or by hand. Then cut the fabric and turn it inside out. Stuff it with wool to your liking (firm, soft, whatever you prefer). Place the head inside the body and sew around the neckline until it is secure.

Hair-Lay your hair over the dolls head to get an idea of how much you will need. Set it aside. Sew a part line into the yarn/wool hair. This is easiest with a machine (place a piece of newspaper under the hair, run it through, then pull the newspaper off). The pink yarn in the picture represents the part line (where it will be sewn) Sew the hair around the dolls head in pigtails, or pulled back at the base of the neck. This is a simple solution to hair, but it isn't as nice as a crocheted cap. It's still very cute! Sew around until it is secure. Cut bangs if you like. Play around with the parts and other hair creating ideas!

Crocheted Cap for Hair-If you can crochet a cap for your doll, then you can sew a pony tail on the back, or pigtails on the front and call it good! Or, you can pull hair through the cap, giving it life and durability. I don't know how to crochet, so this is the best I could do for a picture! The cap pictured is not finished, nor is it in the proper hair color. It is just an example.

Clothes-Get creative, keep it simple, whatever you like! Have fun with it! Sometimes I use old baby clothes and cut them down to size to fit a doll, taking advantage of the snaps!


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Greetings from New Zealand!
I'm Viv and I'm brand new to these boards.
I Just noticed your doll patterns. It's interesting to see your style. We have a different moulded doll heads in NZ. I grew up in a 'Steiner family playing with waldof dolls. Ours have a thinner neck, no stuffing in it, and the eye thread is firmly stitched onto the sides of the head where ears would be, then the back of this thread is drawn down to the neck thread. This gives a nicely rounded 'baby' shape to the back of the head while the front is indented where the eyes will be. Then it is covered with the 'skin' fabric, stitched snuggly and descretly on down the back of the head, later covered with hair. Our heads shapes do feel lovely, but I think yours would be firmer in it's attatchment in the body though. A combination of your style and what we do would be great, I'll have to give it a go next time I make a doll.
All the best!


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Viv -

I have visited family in Golden Bay - I think NZ is probably the most beautiful place on earth!

Do you have any pics of the doll head you describe? I'm anxious to give this doll making a go for my girl! (15 months)

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Originally Posted by KJoslyn78 View Post
the old playstove was a pdf file i downloaded - and would be willing to email to anyone who wanted it

I would love for you to send me the playstove pdf file, if you can.


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