Looking for that super special "big" gift that will last for years to come? Here are some great toys worth spending more on. Don't miss the other categories in this year's guide or our big toy giveaway! Find them both here.

Image of: Suzanne's Kitchen

Suzanne's Kitchen

If you're looking to splurge a bit on a wooden toy kitchen this year, this exquisite option is not to be missed. Made with your choice of maple or pine and backed with birch, the quality of this kitchen is unsurpassed. Each one of these heavy duty cooking centers is handmade in Maine by master toymaker David Smalley. Standing 40" tall and 28" deep, it is plenty large for more than one child to play with simultaneously. A sink and stove, oven, cabinet, counter space and two gorgeous styled shelves make this kitchen functional and beautiful to look at.

<!-- Keep 'Em Rolling Bridges and Tunnels Set -->

Image of: Keep 'Em Rolling Bridges and Tunnels Set

Keep 'Em Rolling Bridges and Tunnels Set

Looking for a great transportation set? This pairing of Elves and Angels Colored Mites with their Keep 'Em Rolling Bridges and Tunnels is the perfect combo for tons of imaginative fun at many ages.

<!-- Natural Handmade Doll Family -->

Image of: Natural Handmade Doll Family

Natural Handmade Doll Family

We've been blessed to have reviewed many small dolls over the years here at Mothering, and these amazing little finds are the most gorgeous and well made we have ever seen. The construction is super strong, the materials natural and simple, and the detail astounding. They are a joy to hold and will give any gift giver some serious pride. Each doll is handmade in the US by a talented craftwoman and is a unique work of art. This set is a family of four, with the mom holding a fifth little darling. Look for more examples from this line elsewhere in our guide.

<!-- Bambino -->

Image of: Bambino


This sweet dollie is not only jointed, it is surprisingly proportional and comes with a cloth diaper for realistic play. Soft and made from natural materials in a social outreach cooperative in Peru, this little love is the perfect eco-gift for any boy or girl.

<!-- Fairy Tale Castle -->

Image of: Fairy Tale Castle

Fairy Tale Castle

We can't tell you how much we love this amazing, wooden fairy tale castle from master craftsman David Smalley of Elves and Angels. Its distinctive design, gorgeous construction, large size and functional drawbridge make it an heirloom quality piece that is well worth the investment. This castle is sure to be a dream come true for any child. Made in Maine.

<!-- Sam's Stable -->

Image of: Sam's Stable

Sam's Stable

Moving stable doors and a real ladder are only the beginning of the fun with this large finely crafted stable. This versatile creation would be the perfect home for a family of farm animals, as an animal rescue center or as a more traditional doll house. As with all items from Elves and Angels, the quality of these stables cannot be beat. Made in Maine, it is sure to last and last.

<!-- Julianna's Kitchen -->

Image of: Julianna's Kitchen

Julianna's Kitchen

A simple and supremely well made wooden kitchen, this toy looks great and will withstand years and years of play. A sink and stove with working knobs, an oven, and a storage cabinet and shelf make this play kitchen realistic for tots. Plus, the height is just right--not too tall or short like some other kitchens we've seen. Considering the quality construction and the fact that it is made in the US by hand, this kitchen is a steal.

<!-- Mobile Crane Truck -->

Image of: Mobile Crane Truck

Mobile Crane Truck

This gorgeous crane is huge and so well made it sure to provide many years of creative fun. Kids will delight in being able to actually pick up and deliver objects during play! Made in Germany of beechwood.

<!-- Fairytale Castle Deluxe Set -->

Image of: Fairytale Castle Deluxe Set

Fairytale Castle Deluxe Set

The perfect pair, this is the Fairy Tale Castle from Elves and Angels with the Fortress Walls seen elsewhere in this guide. These two items together only increase the imaginative fun that is sure to come from playing with these high quality made in the USA items!