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trace amounts of protein.....

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Isn't that a bad thing?

I went to my appt today and you dip the urine stick yourself. Well, i thought it was trace amts so I asked the mw to look.

What does it mean or could it mean?
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Trace amounts rarely ever mean pre-eclampsia. Trace amounts are typically from not having enough protein in your diet or not drinking enough water. Most trace protein amounts I see have to do with not having drank enough water before the appt.
hmm, guess I'm the only one around... It's a symptom of high blood pressure, and whatever comes next (I can't recall what it's called, toxemia??) What did your MW say?? If she was concerned about it, I'm sure she would have talked with you about it. If you have a good MW, she'll probably just keep an eye out for anything else. Try and relax and lie down as much as possible to keep your blood pressure low and don't worry
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My bp was elevated...she made a comment on it. It was only 124/64 but I normally run at or below 110/50...I guess i have low bp which would explain several things when I'm not pg....

It could also be the water issue. I've been having tummy troubles for about 8 days and she said I could have lost more fluid and especially electrolytes than i think.

Ok, so, I'll up the water and keep taking it easy!

Thanks gals!!
well, your bp is not really elevated enough to cause any concern right now, it sounds like. pre-eclampsia presents first with some blood pressure rises (pretty steep rises), swelling in the face and hands (very noticeable), rapid weight gain, and protein in the urine. There's also visual disturbances (like suddenly getting spots) and intense headaches.

The protein in the urine with pre-eclampsia is usually one of the later signs and it's rarely trace amounts.

It can also be from vaginal discharge -
I've had trace amounts of protein in my urine and the mw said it could be vaginal discharge or a bit of dehydration so I drank more and treated for a yeast infection (which I had a small case of) and it helped. No more protein.
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