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Tracking your Accounts!

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I've been really negligent about tracking my accounting activity. I finally went out and bought Filemaker Pro so that I can build a database to track all of my customers, and financial activity.

Well, it isn't compatible with my operating system (nor is the Photoshop and the FrontPage!). So I have to upgrade my computer. It is a daunting task, because I have to make sure I don't lose any data and that all of my peripherals will still work (update my drivers).

So, I'm wondering if there is an easier way for me to track my accounts in the meantime. Also, has anyone upgraded from Windows ME to Windows XP? What was it like?


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When we bought a new computer, we got Windows XP Pro and love it. As for keeping track of clients and finances, I use Microsoft Money for Businesses.
You should have no problem going to XP. XP has most drivers for common devices, so you wouldn't need to download much (if anything). It should be a very smooth transition! ME is not a great O/S, so it's better you leave it now rather than later.

Oh, and we used to use Quickbooks - which worked great. We are too big now, so we have our accountants do everything.
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