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I have a blue linen wrap made by Mother's Helper out of Canada. I
believe this is called a Classic Wrap on her website. I bought this a few
months back and I'm just not into wrapping at this point in my life. It's
solid wild patterns to try to match your clothes!! ;-) The center
is marked for easy wearing. It's about 232" long. I wear about a size 18 and it's big enough
for me to use. This has been sitting in a plastic tub for a few months now
and it is fairly wrinkly.

Mother's Helper website is: If you go to this
page: the last wraps on the bottom
sounds like what I have. The description is: The classics are cotton or
linen or a linen rayon blend. They come in varying colours like red
grey,black with blue plaid,cream with a peach beigh plaid 4.5 meters 5
meters 5.5 meters It's about 232" long. The wraps are $45 on her website.


I would love to trade(or sell if you prefer). If trading, I would be looking for an adjustable pouch(I already have 3 non adjustable pouches, so not really looking for any of those) or possibly a mei tai(would prefer something with a little wider straps). or try me? I'm due in Dec. with my 4th, so something great for a newborn would be good too. I'm about a size 18 pre-pregnancy. Let me know please.

Would prefer trading only within the U.S. as shipping gets kind of expensive and sometimes confusing for me out of the states. Thanks, Sara
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