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TRADED! Hanna Zippers and Stripes, size 80 - gender neutral!

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For sale....

Size 80 Hanna Andersson Zippers and Stripes...marine life colorful print! Great for cloth diapered bums. Hannas are great quality!

These are in fantastic condition, with no visible wear or fade!!!

The only flaw is two teeeeeny pinhead size spots, but the print is busy and they are not noticeable. I couldn't even get my camera to pick it up!

Here are the pictures....

Asking $16ppd. Paypal - all kinds accepted. I will consider trades.
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What are you ISO?
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I already have a few inquiries, but for those who asked here/via PM, here is my ISO....

Newborn Diapering...
BBH fitteds or AIOs in newborn or small
Tootsweet fitteds in newborn or small
FCB size 0
El Bee baby x-small or small
Kissaluvs size 0

Big-girl diapering...
Tootsweet fitteds
FCB size 2 (any)
BBH AIOs size XL

Misc diapering....
Snap-ins for small BBH Wool In One
Another snappi or two

FOr me....
Breast pads in natural fibers, used is fine
Mama pads for postpartum (used/slight staining is fine!)

For dd....
Gymboree size 3t summer or fall clothing, in good condition
Gymboree bathing suit 3t with built-in swim diaper
Hanna Playdress/Daydress size 90
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Not yet! Have a few inquiries, but nobody said they want it yet...
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Bump....someone has to want these!
Hannas rock!
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Hi there! I have two Snappis (yellow) in EC
I have some unused post-partum Momma pads and some breast pads that are also unused...LMK if you want to trade

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