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training and martial arts

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I'm currently 35 weeks along and about 2 months after this baby is born I'd really like to get into more extensive exercise. In the past I've mostly done walking or swimming for exercise. I'd like to get into martial arts. I've done western martial arts (SCA heavy fighting if you know what that is.) I'd like to get good at that before I get too old.

To that end I'd like to find a training program that isn't, well, too girly. I was thinking eastern martial arts like Judo or Ta Kwon Do or possibly strength training. Has anyone done this? I am not a sporty person at all. I'm lost when looking at anything along those lines since they seem to presume a lifelong interest in sports. I don't really want to take a karate class with little kids or a woman's self defense course. I realize that I'll need to start slow.

I think I really need to do this for myself or go insane. Any suggestions on where to start?
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I started doing karate when my daughter was oround 15 months old and have been doing it for over a year and a half now. I think this was the best thing I've done for myself! Good luck with finding right marshal art for you!
I started training in Muay Thai about 6 months ago, and it was the best choice I have ever made as far as physical fitness goes.

All my instructors are encouraging and make me want to keep pushing through any difficulties I am having at the time. One word of caution, it gets very addictive!
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I have been doing Kenpo Karate for 16+ years and am now an instructor.

In general, I think the dynamics of the school and instructors are much more important than the actual style. It's good to identify a general type of style you are interested in (grappling, striking, hard vs soft) but I wouldn't worry to much about which specific style right now.

Go check out studios, they should allow you to sit in on a class or two to help you decide. Pay close attention to how the teachers work with the students. Are they encouraging, do you see students making progress? Do students get some individual attention? Are they having fun? Does it seem fun to you?
I agree with shopping around. A free lesson (in our place it's a free two weeks trial) would be a great idea.

And yes, it IS very addictive
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