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Training pants?

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I'm thinking of vamping up DD's potty training. Currently she's naked when at home and awake, but I'd like to get more proactive about her potty training during the day the rest of the time. Especially since she's in daycare more this summer than she was in the spring.

Is it worth it to switch to a training pant? I was looking at the HH training pants. They look like a pain to stuff but maybe something DD could pull on/off (or that I could pull on/off more quickly) would be helpful.

Are there any good trainers out there that pull up/down and also have side snaps in case of a poop accident? Thus far we've not had much success w/ DD pooping at the sitter's and she doesn't always go or get it all out before we leave the house in the morning, though on days when we're "at home" or heading out together at a more leisurely pace she poops on the potty rather reliably. I'm going to get a second BBLP for her to use at the dcp's, though--I think she's intimidated by being held on the big toilet.
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Mother of Eden makes one - Trickle Free Trainer, I liked it. I also used their Overnight Undies as trainers because they held more pee. They both have side snaps or can be pulled on and off. Once my son was almost potty trained but I was still nervous going out with him or on long drives, I would put on his regular underwear and then put his trainers on over that, just in case.
I am in the same situation. I just bought 1 HH trainer. Waiting for it to arrive. I figured i would try 1 first. i heard they run alittle big. but i will see. My dd is 25lbs.. i ordered a small. Oh i also heard the same about the stuffing being a pain. I like the pocket idea though so i ca nchose the amount to stuff. KWIM..
I have heard GREAT things about Snap-EZ trainers
For everyone who has been-there-done-that, will a fleece lining inside training pants keep a child from potty training as quickly as they would without it? I was considering just using our regular HH velcro tab-closing diapers, but feared the wick-away fleece would keep him my son feeling dry, and therefor less motivated to potty learn.
I just finished using ME OS dipes as training undies. They absorb a lot more than the Gerber trainers and I didn't want anything that was fleece-lined. I just snapped them on the loosest setting so they're easier to pull up and down. Then if there's a poopy accident they can just be unsnapped instead of pulling poopy undies all the way down her legs! :dead: When we left the house, we just pulled a pull-on cover over them to keep everything dry in case of an accident. DD is done PLing (as of about two weeks ago!) and is wearing regular panties now!

They're much cheaper than normal AIO trainers...especially when bought used on the TP!
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My DD loves her snap-ez trainers. She can put them on and pull them up herself without a problem. They have snaps on the side in case of poos. She also loves her folding travel potty seat - this is something that really helped when we stepped up our training since she was intimidated and grossed out (me too) by some public toilet seats. It added a layer of familarity. I never had to worry about her sitting on some gross toilet seat.
Who has snap ez trainers?? I would like to look at them. TIA...
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So who carries these?

The Snap-Ease trainers, the MOE trainers, etc.?

I would also like something relatively inexpensive. We tried out some Gerber vinyl-covered trainers yesterday and she actually signalled to use the potty while wearing them. But for going out I would like something that wouldn't sacrifice her clothing in an accident, kwim?
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