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Transition to not nursing to sleep?

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I nurse 7 month old DD to sleep for two naps a day and at bedtime. She wakes up during the night sometimes - and most of the time I nurse her to sleep, but sometimes she just wants some cuddling.

In the fall I will start working one evening to week and my husband will need to be put DD to bed while I am at work. So I'm thinking now is the time to work on a different going to sleep routine. Has anyone out there done this successfully? How did you make the transition?

Many thanks!
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If you're not against the bottle, I have had a lot of success rocking with a bottle and eventually just giving my DD a bottle. I am still trying to figure out nightweaning at almost 2 yrs, but the bottle swap for BF was super easy, and we never used a bottle more than a dozen times before that.
Honestly, I'd wait until just before then start working on it. She's so young. Good luck.
When I started working on that, I stopped nursing DS right when his nursing changed from active sucking to flutters. So I was putting him down "drowsy but awake". Then I started nursing him in the living room and then carrying him to his bedroom, so he was a tiny bit more awake. If he cried, I picked him back up right away and nursed him again. I stopped there because my goal was just for him to be able to fall back asleep without nursing (or crying, of course) in the middle of the night (it only worked a little, but any little bit of extra sleep makes me happy, and he never had to cry). Maybe after that you could introduce Daddy carrying her to bed instead of you, so she gets used to Daddy cuddling her to bed?
Sometimes babies just accept different things from different people. If DH is going to be putting babe to bed you might have him try walking her, rocking her, giving her a bottle whatever, now to see what she responds to. At least if she's freakin' out you can step in and help for a month until you figure out what is going to work. My kids will sleep for DH or my mom or sister if they get rocked. But if I'm around, boy they want me and they want milk!
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I nurse/rock to sleep 95% of the time but DH has had good luck with a bottle and a mei tai ride.
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I'm a student and I went back to school when my daughter was 10 months old. I didn't do anything beforehand at all to prepare us, and she did absoultely fine. I think they really are adaptable when mama isn't there. My daughter is now 20 months and still doing fine--I'm gone for two bedtimes a week, and she goes down easily without me. The stroller, sling, and just walking around the darkened house have been the best methods.
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