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Transitioning to later bed time

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Well, I have finally realized that what causes my daughter to sleep through the night is to let her go to sleep at nine; she has done this four or five times now. I have resisited allowing this, as it cuts into my and dh's time in the evening, but it seems our "plans" will have to be revised. By eight, I am very tired from caring for/running after her all day, and NEED her to go to sleep. How do I get through the crabby/whiny evening time (she is crabby and whiny too
) without losing my mind? What kind of activities can I do with her that will fill the time gap but not wind her up (besides reading)? Thanks!
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We put our toddler to sleep at 8pm every night, whether she's really ready to sleep or not. We have a ritual that ends with stories and then I scratch her back and give her a kiss good night.

Often she will stay up for an hour in her bed just softly singing or talking to her animals. We told her as long as she doesn't get out of bed it's okay. Sometimes she goes to sleep immediately. We know all this cuz we set up a video monitor in her room to see what she did.

The point is that maybe you can teach your daughter that going to bed doesn't necessarily mean she has to go to sleep right away. Then you could put her down at 8 and by nine she'll probably fall asleep on her own. Would this work for you guys?
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