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transplanting maples and other forest plants

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I live on a small lot, about .33 acre and want to do some landscaping. CHEAP. What I have been doing is uprooting a couple very small maples (they must be small because I dig in with a shovel and dd strapped to my back). My one maple made it throught the winter, it's skinny, but about 6ft. high...everything else I planted looks so worn out and wilty (just planted them this spring). Is transplanting a lost cause? Should I bite it and spend $80 for some good trees? Any suggestions?

ps..our soil sucks, its basically sand and pines

Sarah...neew to gardening
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I don't have any transplanting advice, but if you are looking for inexpensive trees, you could join the National Arbor Foundation. For $10 you can get 10 trees when you join.

Good luck!
I've transplanted trees successfully when I did it before the trees break dormancy in the spring. You can totally save money this way, but timing is key.
I've always heard it's better to transplant them in the fall.
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