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There's been a lot of talk about job loss in this forum, and it seems like the transportation industry (airlines, drivers, trucking) is been hit pretty hard.<br><br>
I work in the Transit Industry (buses), and I know that we are really on the look out for more drivers. I overheard one of our trainers say that agencies all over the nation are in the same boat. Rhode Island and Las Vegas were two places that were mentioned. I am in Kansas City. It might be a good industry to look into, depending on your locale.<br><br>
Our applicants have to get a CDL learner's permit (if that's what it's called) before they start training with us, but not before applying. If you already have a CDL, that's GREAT! You also will probably face drug testing and criminal background check, but I suspect that's the same for other drivers.<br><br>
And if you aren't in transportation already, our philosophy really is that we want people who are good with the public. We can teach someone how to drive; it's hard to teach people skills.<br><br>
I think our agency and others are facing retirements, and those agencies which aren't cutting service due to high fuel prices are looking for people.<br><br>
Our perks are pretty good, PM me if you are in Kansas City and interested. I suspect most public agencies offer decent - if not great - benefits.
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