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Travel containers for snacks

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What are some safer alternative to baggies and tupperware for carrying toddler snacks like crackers, cereal, etc?
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We use mini tin lunchboxes. You can find them at ross in the candy/gift section. They most always come with some kind of packaged cookie. But i get them for about $1.99 and i just toss those cookies. The tin boxes are perfect and the girls love their little elmo boxes. The girls also have a nicer, large tin box that i actually got in the airport but they sell them all over. They are made by the original tin box company. The have really cute beaded handles. I line the tin boxes with wax paper to make clean up easy and i figure the less washing of tin the better.

Sigg also makes snack boxes but they are $$$ and hard for a child to open.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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