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Travel in England and Canada

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Hi all. I will be traveling in Ireland, England and Calgary this summer with dh and dd. My dd does not have a seat on the flights (I know that some people think that this is dangerous but I have to travel for my job and I can barely afford dh's ticket and cannot afford another seat.)

We will be renting a car with a car seat in Ireland but will be dependent on taxis in England and Calgary. Does anyone know if taxis in these places have car seats? Some did in Australia where we were last year.

Someone also had a link to a portable car seat in another travel thread recently but I can't find it. I think it was a costco seat. I'm thinking of just buying one of those and hauling it around with us.
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I can't help you with England, but I don't think you will be able to get a carseat in a Calgary taxi. I can't say that I have ever had to take my kids in a taxi around here, but I don't think they are available. If you would like, I could supply you with a phone number to a Calgary taxi company and you could call and ask.

Have you thought about traveling with your carseat? My understanding is that the airlines don't count carseats (and strollers, etc) as a piece of luggage.
I would recommend buying a light weight car seat (go to Toys R Us or similar & test them for weight) & bringing it with you. I wouldn't trust a taxi service car seat to be up to date safety wise. You could always sell it when you get home if you don't need it. Good luck!
I would totally travel with your own carseat. I've had trouble getting a car seat in a rental even, and there is no way you know how up to date they are anyway, or what sort of treatment they've had, or accidents they've been through. I've heard some horror stories. We live in Canada, and have travelled in the UK with DS, and I would take my car seat with me unless I had one on the other end to borrow from someone that I knew and trusted!

I remember coming across this the other day as I was looking for an inflatable travel potty and other "travel" stuff since we're going to the UK in 2 weeks. Not sure how much your babe weighs but this would certainly be a lightweight option, and probably better than nothing. We have gone there before and done short taxi trips and just risked not having a seat, but we only rode to and from Paddington/hotel.

Check it out...

good luck.

dd 6/2/01
ds 8/28/03
hey i live in calgary and i have a spare carseat.... how old is you dd... i'd lend it to you if you didn't want to have to bother buying one... also if you call this company... Bo Bebe 403-288-5020 they rent car seats, strollers, backpacks....
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