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Hey family <3

What I am offering is a box of items crafted by the local artists and artisans I encounter as I travel the world. One month, it may be a box filled with textures, tastes, scents, sounds and sights from a small town in India. Other months could present boxes from Ethiopia, Norway or Peru. Each box is an opportunity to have a tangible experience and connection with the cultures, history, languages, and people you may be studying as a family, through the local artists who share their works.

Taking a chapter from the tech world, before the official distribution, I am opening the doors to 'early adopters', or people who want to get their hands on the project before anyone else, and help share constructive feedback to improve the final product. As such, I have 30 boxes available from Chiang Mai, Thailand where I am right now.

There are two different price points, $60 and $120, and the best shipping I can find from here to the states is approximately $37 (if you know how to find something better, PLEASE do tell).

While I am looking for feedback from early adopters, I am ALSO seeking feedback from those of you who are NOT interested. What do you like about the project? What don't you like about the project? What could be done differently that would theoretically cause you to change your mind and want to participate? Etc...

Anyhoo, thank you for taking the time to check it out!

:x :x :x

and here's the full campaign
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