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Travel to Hawai'i - options?

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We are traveling to Hawai'i in June (I am soooo excited) and we need a diapering solution. We have used gdipes before but they have not worked so well with poops and since DS does that 3-4 times a day, it poses a slight problem.

I really, really, really do not want to use sposies.

Are there any other options?

We will have laundry, but I am not sure I want to lug that much and deal with the poop without a diaper sprayer (we are going to be packing so much anyway).

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Well, I hate to admit this but my second daughter is 16 months old and I recently purchased my first pack of sposies....and it was for a trip for the following reason:

1. The airline was going to charge me $15 to bring a suitcase and I needed the extra suitcase for the cloth diapers...
2. I didn't want to pay the charge and then have to deal with washing and traveling with dirty diapers...

Anyway, I just gave in and then didn't have to worry about washing which was nice.

I did buy the Seventh Generation diapers which were great & didn't smell nasty like most sposies. Anyway, I know that's not what you wanted to hear, but with the airlines these days, it just made sense for me. Good luck in your choise & have a BLAST in Hawai'i!!!!

what about using flushable liners to deal with the poop?
Stay in a vacation rental so you have laundry available.

There is a great store here called Baby Awareness if you need to buy supplies here for any reason - it is in Manoa Valley Marketplace.
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