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Travel to Las Vegas or San Diego w/ 11 mos old

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My DH and I would like to take a mini-vacation with our High Need 11 mos old DS for 3 nights and four days. We can't decide between San Diego, CA or Las Vegas. In San Diego, we would stay in the Gaslamp District and go to the Wild Animal Park on our drive down and then the San Diego Zoo & Balboa Park during our stay. If we were to go to Vegas, we would drive and stay at the strip.
My DH and I have already been to San Diego, but not to the zoo or animal park. We have never been to Vegas.
Which do you think would be most enjoyable for all of us? HELP! We would like to take the vacation in about two weeks. Thanks.
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Well, I'm biased 'cause I live in San Diego.

But I think SD is a GREAT vacation destination for families with kids. I can't speak to Las Vegas because I've only ever been there as a single person. However, all the smoking would bother me, if nothing else, if I took DD there.

Other things to do in SD:

Sea World
the beaches
La Jolla Cove
Mission Bay
the harbor

But the WAP, Zoo and Balboa Park sound like a great trio of activities!

Have fun no matter which destination you choose!
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In Vegas, everyone smokes.......everywhere. It might be tough on a little one.
San diego has relatively clean air, lots of fun things to do. We were just there. You can get discounts on tickets for the zoo or Seaworld thru Costco.
Have a great time whichever you choose.
Thank you for your replies. It helped convince dh to save Vegas for a later time in our lives. San Diego, here we come! Any suggestions on a hotel in the Gas Lamp Quarter. We stayed at the Omni a few years ago and loved it, but prices have gone up.
The Horton Grand is pretty cool, very old style, balconies and fireplace in every room, but no pool if that makes a difference.
San Diego is great! Definitely bring a sling! So much easier than a stroller and makes it easier to nurse or put baby to sleep on the run.
SD is much, MUCH more kid friendly... I just took DS (11 months) down there and he had a lot of fun...
A little late since you already made your decision, but I would definitely chose San Diego over Vegas - anyday of the week. IMO Vegas is not for families, it is an adult destination. Being a little biased too, I live in and love San Diego and hate hate hate Vegas - the smoking alone is enough to deter me from ever going back.
Yeah, I have to gice you more props for your decision-- I'm biased as I moved to SD (north county) 2 years ago, but I love to go to Vegas for vacations myself. That said, I don't think I'd ever take kids to LV! Naked objectified ladies all over, smoking, gambling-- all stuff *I* can handle in weekend-sized doses, but that I would not want a kid exposed to. Now, SD just screams family-friendly with its advertising for vacation activities. I visited once as a child and went to the Zoo and I STILL remember what a fantastic time we had. I still gotta get to sea world, I swear...! I hope you have a great time
I'm not familiar with the Gaslamp district, though.
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