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I am considering coming to a funeral in Blue Hill, ME this Wed. July 1. A close colleague, age 47, died suddenly and her family is from that area.<br><br>
I am trying to line up options and I do not know the area at all. Work will pay for my trip, but I cannot leave my LO (age 6 months) so I am going to wear him and fly in and rent a car with carseat. I am from Chicago.<br><br>
I am going to call around for Inns, hotels, etc. I noticed a chamber of commerce site. but I am particuarly wondering if anyone has any ideas or referrals for someone to watch the LO from about 1pm-(maybe 5 or earlier, details still unclear about the service...). He could likely be asleep during part of that time. He is easy-going and not crawling yet!<br><br>
I really don't want to trouble the family with these questions.<br><br>
Thanks in advance. Feel free to PM me.<br><br>
Thank you.
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