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Traveling Daddy

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My baby isn't here yet (I'm due in November), but I thought this was the most suitable place for my question...

My husband travels for a living (he is a lighting designer). Generally during "touring season" (usually spring and fall) he is home two or three days out of the week. Since we are expecting, I'm naturally curious how the baby will respond to his frequent absence. I know in a best case scenario, he'd find a job that satisfies him to the same degree that keeps him at home, but that just isn't the case. He is well into doing his dream work, and I don't want to stand in his way.

I am most curious on the best way to deal with this, here is what I have thought so far:

We could have pictures of daddy around a lot, talk about him, hook up webcams, talk/listen to him on the phone, etc.

I was thinking of making big deals of when daddy leaves and comes home, but then I thought maybe we shouldn't. Maybe if we just acted like normal, the baby would follow suit.

I don't know, I am open to any and all suggestions. Thank you in advance.
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My husband just started travelling for his new job, and our baby has adjusted well. She was not too happy at first, and would not really be excited when he came home and that was really hard on him. But now she gets all excited when daddy comes home.

We signed up for Skype...if you are not on it already I highly recommend it, especially if your DH has high-speed internet access when he travels. and it is FREE! Go to and download their software. I have a cute web cam that is a froggie with eyeballs that go back & forth so Julie will look right at the camera

I also try to email pictures every day or send a picture to his cell phone so he can see his little darling.

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