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Traveling (& Flying) at 12ish weeks?

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My husband is best man in a wedding in early May, and then immediately on a panel at a conference the next week. So we'll be flying three times in 7 days, if that makes sense.

I probably won't be showing, really, but I'm sure to have many of the same needs I currently do that involve eating every hour and guzzling water like it's going out of style.

How do you folks make it through traveling while pregnant, any specific tips?

I was going to pack dry snacks like dried fruits and almonds, dry cereal, goldfish, graham crackers, etc - all the stuff I normally nibble on, and an empty water bottle I can get filled up.
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I just flew at about 10 weeks and with my 9month old dd. The snacks are a smart idea, add protein things like hard boiled eggs, cheese, and nuts. Also, you can bring an apple or other fresh fruit, they don't care. I sometimes even make myself a whole sandwich and bring that too! I always buy the biggest water I can find after getting through security and then ask the flight attendants to fill it up for me.
Snacks are a good idea, also try to remember to pee just before boarding!
Opt for an aisle seat, easier bathroom access.
Aisle seat, definitely. A life saver.
forget the aisle seat, upgrade to 1st or business.
I traveled like crazy during my first pregnancy--I LOVED it because the time goes so much faster. Take walks around the plane, and yes get an aisle seat.
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