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So I know that it is illegal to be a CPM in North Carolina, but I feel that a home birth is the best and only way to bring my baby into this crazy world of ours. As this would be my first child though, I'd feel a little better having a midwife attend rather than going for a fully unassisted birth. My husband and I researched midwifery in Virginia and are thinking of having it there instead. It would be approximately 2 and a half hours from our home and we'd rent a little house up there in advance so that it's nice and cozy and an environment we can control to keep it a natural and holistic experience.

I can't find any information on anyone else who has done this. Would anyone have any advice? Like I know the baby would have a VA birth cert. Would this be any problems with the state of NC? Would the VA midwives be ok with this?

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