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traveling w/8wk old and grumpy old man...

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We are going to go on a 9 hr road trip in a couple of weeks. We're taking our own vehicle, but traveling with my parents - my dad being the grumpy old man lol - I love him though
My dad gets in a toot when he's traveling and doesn't like to stop much - but thats kind of hard when you've got an 8 wk old that nurses and poos every 1.5 hrs or so.

When I mentioned that we'd have to stop often he said "Why, can't you just feed him going down the road?". I said no and he asked why - I told him because my boobs won't reach lol There's no way I'd take him out of his seat in a moving car.

So, my compromise - I'm going to give him a bottle of expressed milk and skip one or every other feeding (I have over supply issues so it won't hurt a bit - well, it might hurt me lol but not my supply). I figure this can lengthen the time between stops given that he doen't poo lol. I can just keep the milk in the cooler, but how do I warm it on the road? All I can figure is let it sit in the sun for a few minutes, but I'm not sure if this will spoil it.

Also, an off topic question sorta - can you refreeze breastmilk that has been thawed but not drank off of?

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My understanding is once it's thawed, it can't be refrozen... but I could be wrong.

As far as warming, you could take a thermos of hot water, and place the bottle in a cup of hot water to warm.

Lastly... and my most prominate suggestion is to tell your Dad, tough sh*t
You have a baby to take care of and this is the way it is. Life doesn't evolve around the adults anymore... and you have to meet the needs of your baby. You can tell him it would be a great opportunity for him to get out and stretch his crotchity body around

If you can't tell, I've had similar problems with my mother.... and as far as I was concerned, it's my vehicle... therefore I make the rules

Good luck and have fun!!
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I totally agree.
We drove from Texas to Iowa with me, my mom and dad and my daughter. (And my parents are add a little extra excitment to the trip-and my dad is disabled!!!!!!!) Talk about fun! ha!
My dad finally realized that it wasn't about him and that he doesn't make the rules! and eventually he got over it.
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It helps keep the baby on an even keel if you stop to nurse. Much nicer than having a crying baby in the car.

If you are going to skip feedings and you have oversupply issues (wow, I don't recommend this skipping feedings idea!) bring a pump in the car. You can get a little hand pump, an Avent, for about $40 at the drugstore. This will fit under your shirt so that you can pump and not get totally uncomfortable. (What I mean is, you stick it on your breast, then throw your shirt over the breast and the pump and your hands.) But I don't think it's a great idea, it's better to just stop and nurse when the baby wants to do that. It's hard on the little guy to sit in the car seat for hour after hour anyway.

(Not to mention your dad, what kind of experience has he had driving that he thinks it's better to never urinate or stretch your legs?)
My dad is perfectly understanding
I just called him a grumpy old man because of previous trips with him
At the end of our conversation, he asked how often we might need to stop - so he's ok with it.

I do plan on bringing a pump with me, but I don't think I'd feel comfortable doing it in the car. I planned on nursing right before the trip and 3 hrs into it so its not like I'd be going a long time without nursing.

We are free to go at our own pace too, we will be in our own van, they will be in theirs. Its just we would like to keep up with them on the highway because they'll be paying for our gas - $100 or so just to get there (and we're poor by the way lol).

- Too bad for the refrozen breastmilk
I hate to throw it away.
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my son, husband and his parents (in the same car
: )and I drove from las vegas to san diego. which is only like a 5 hr drive. izaiah was about 10 weeks or 11 wks. i nursed him right before we left and we left at 11pm, we reached our hotel at around 4ish and izaiah woke up around 430ish to eat and passed back out. i think if you try and feed him right before you leave then drive until you know baby has to take milk. then either stop or give a bottle. i would rathe rmuch give boobie cause baby will be more satisfied then a bottle. but thats just me cause izaiah hates bottles so hes ALWAYS and only satisfied with boobie. lol. but im sure everything will be fine and you'll be able to tell when baby needs milk. take care and have fun
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