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Traveling w/o daughter

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I'm contemplating taking a short trip with some friends from college. I've never been away from dd for even one night! We're still nursing, and I don't want to force her to give that up. If I'm gone for 5 days or so, will my supply dry up? Will dd still want to nurse? I'm not keen on bringing my hand pump with me (never got much milk anyway), but will if I need to.

I'm also unsure how dd will react - I don't want to leave my 'baby', but I really, really, want to go on this trip. She's 2 1/2 now.
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5 days is an awfully long time to go without pumping, unless your DD is only nursing every other/every couple of days, you know? If she's nursing X times a day, each day, I'd think you'd need to pump to keep up that demand. Even if you don't get very much milk.
I have heard a lot of mothers that come back from trips like these and their dc forgets how to nurse or the moms suppy drops too much. Just know that this is a risk you take if you leave your dc even for 2 days. If you are comfortable with that risk then go but if you are not ready for your BFing relationship to end then I would not go.
The thing is, some days I'm ready for her to stop nursing, but for the most part I cherish that aspect of our relationship. I would be very sad if it stopped because I was gone. I want her to self-wean, at least mostly, not to stop because mommy goes away. I don't think that could be good for her.
It sounds like you have your answer. I feel for you mama. We had to bring our dd on our honeymoon. Also I missed an entire snowboarding season. I just tell myself they are only little for a little while.
Could you go for just part of the trip? And pump? I've left our Evie twice for about 24 hours each time and when I came back, we just picked right back up where we left off. I'd definitely pump, though.
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