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Traveling with 9 mo old on a plane

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Hi, not sure where to post this but I'm in need of some advice, suggestions, recommendations, whatever...

I'm a little worried about taking a four hour plane ride in two weeks with my 9 mo. old ds bc he is sooo active right now and I dread the squirming and crying and screaming he's going to be making throughout the trip. We have one stop-over but we don't get off the plane, apparently. What can I do to keep him happy and entertained for that long in an airplane???? Also, do I still need to bf him while we're ascending and descending?
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DS (9 mths) and I just got back from visiting family. The trip was 1 - 45 min flight and then a 3 hr flight. To my surprise DS did really well!! He slept during each 45 min flight, probably because they were prop planes and vibrated sooo much. On the 3 hr going - we had a whole row to ourselves so I was able to use the carseat and still have to other seats for us to spread out on. I took several of his favorite toys and his "Baby Tad" leapfrog stuffed animal which he also loves. He got fussy for just a few minutes when he would get tired, but that was it. Coming home on the same flight we didn't have all the room and I had to hold him for 3 hrs. He still did fairly well, just wanted to grab everything (the seat in front of me, the lady next to He got a little tired of being held toward the end but not too bad.

I did nurse him on take off & landing or made sure he would suck on his paci (no flames). He had no problems with ear trouble!!

The carseat was great to have, so ask if they have any available seats when you check in. If they do they will let you use it for free.

Good luck and have a great time!!
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We took a 3 1/2 hour flight with our 8-month old a few weeks ago. Overall, it was much better than I expected. If possible, call ahead and try to reserve the bulkhead seats. We didn't get them, but enviously watched a family with a 14-month old who did, and it made a world of difference as the baby had much more wiggle room.

Definitely nurse during take-off and landing. The pressure drop starts well before the seatbelt sign goes on during landing, so start early. My DS fell asleep during both landings, which was a huge help.

Bring a variety of small, quiet toys to play with. I put them away a week or so before we left, so they were "new" to him.

If all else fails, walk the aisles so baby can smile at everyone. My son also found the flight attendant station at the back quite fascinating.

Have a great time!
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We just flew with Katie for Thanksgiving and will again on Friday. At her age, she wants everything that she can't have. Anything in sight. The guy sitting next to you typing on his Blackberry... She wants it. DH takes a few sips of O.J., she wants the plastic cup. I try to bring all her favorite smaller toys aboard, but they don't satisify her, but the smallest thing, like a plastic cup lid makes her happy.

Be flexible.

I also BF during take-off and departure. Mostly because I have ear problems while flying and I'm in complete pain and I'd hate for her to have the same problems.

Best tip: Carry on backup clothing for yourself, DH (if travelling), and baby. You never know when a blowout can happen.
We flew from Charlotte to California when DS #1 was 8 months old. We scheduled our flight out during bedtime for him and naptime on the way back. He was awake for the 1 hour flight from Charlotte to DC and then slept the entire 2 hours we had to wait on the Tarmac because of thunder storms and slept the whole 5 hour flight as well. Of course we landed in LA at 2am PST and he didn't want to sleep in the hotel because it was 5am EST. On the way back he slept for most of the flight from LA to DC and when he was awake, he just played. I would do it again in a heartbeat.
Thanks so much for all your input! I will call ahead about the bulkhead, that's a great idea. I wasn't going to bring a car seat with me bc it is such a pain to get in and out of the car. We have one of those convertible ones that last til he's 80lbs. or so. Do you all think it's a good idea to bring it just in case there's an extra seat?

I wish ds had regular nap times. Every day is still different for us. As well as the blow outs. Never know when it's going to happen. Usually right after dh leaves for work
: I'm hoping ds behaves as well as all of your dc did on their flights!

I'll definitely bf if he lets me. too much peek-a-boo, now he pulls the cover off of me when we're in public. as well as no one else minds my boob hanging out...
He is also so squirmy during the day when he eats, and switches back and forth btwn boobs so often. And he wants to bf standing up!!! All he wants to do is move around, stand up and cruise furniture. I'm still just afraid that 4 hours on a plane is going to ruin everyone's x-mas...
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