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Traveling with a one year old

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We are planning a trip to California for next July. My MIL and dh thought it would be great to drive which would take 15-16 hours. My dd will be a 1 year old by that time, and I'm not sure I want to make her spend so much time in a car. I would love to hear opinions from those mamas who have taken a long drive and/or those who have older babies. Thanks
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I'm curious to see some responses, too! We might be taking what's normally a 9 hour drive this spring (which I'm sure will make it 12 or so hours) and was wondering the same thing....any other moms out there BTDT?
BTDT a couple of years ago with my now 3.5 yo and won't be doing THAT again! Our trip was from Central CA to visit my mom in AZ, about a 10 hour drive normally but it took us 13. It was so hard keeping her happy, she wanted to get out and play, not be strapped into her seat all day long! She didn't want to lay down and sleep when we stopped for the night because she had been cooped up all day long. She had always hated her carseat anyway, this just made it worse. My youngest is a year old now, and I can't take her in the car for more than a half hour without her going balistic on me - she HATES the carseat! If you do go, leave in the early evening when baby is getting ready to go to sleep and drive through the night, that will be the easiest thing for all of you. Good Luck!
I think it depends on the temperment of your babe and how she tolerates the car seat. My DS doesn't mind the car seat, and he went with us on 2 8hr trips last summer ( he was 6-7 mos old at the time) and he did fine.

We have been on several 2 hour or so trips lately and he does okay. If your Dd is good in the car, give it a go
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we moved from Nor Cal to Colorado when ds1 was 7 months old. We did it in 2 days and left in the wee hours of the morning so he would sleep. He flip flopped his days and nights so I nursed him when he woke but mostly he just slept. We also drove from San Diego to about an hour north of Sacramento a year ago, also did it in the evening and drove through the night. It is rough, definitely a lot harder on your child and yourself than flying. Maybe you could take the train? It is still scenic but your babe wouldn't be strapped down the whole time. I personally have traveled a lot with a babe, mostly by myself, and it all my travels I would rather fly. It is so hard to depend on others to let you catch up on sleep, etc. They always expect the mama to keep going regardless.
The train is an awesome idea!!! Jadyn did well in the car during the first month but started crying for every car ride after. Less than a month ago we started having car rides without the crying. Untill, the Christmas season arrived and I had to have her in the car for a total of 2 hours a day for about 4 days and now we are back to crying for most car rides. I don't think driving is going to okay for her although we have awhile yet for her personality to change again.
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