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issue #1: well water- we'll be laundering at a house that has undependable well water, a top-loader, and probably soft water. we usually launder in hard water in a front loader. any special advice?<br><br>
issue #2: I just recieved word that my grampa is planning to buy us some sposies so we don't stink up his house with cloth diapers. You and I know how wrong that is- my babe still hasn't started solids! And she's never worn sposies. And everything I use is cloth: wetbags, wipes, dipes, ..... I'm sure, following that logic, he wouldn't go for the "I'm just using cloth liners" routine.<br>
I haven't broached the subject with him yet. I'm a little nervous to. Don't want to be confrontational, but not really willing to be accomodating. But, it is his house.....<br>
Any advice?
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