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travelling with cloth

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we are going on vacation for a week. i think i have enough cloth to make it, but i don't know if it is going to be a hassle and i should just get *ugh* sposies. dh thinks i'm crazy to bring the diapers, but we have all these cute wool soakers and i want to bring them
i have a couple of large wetbags so i figure i can just put the dirties in there. if i run out i can just buy some pampers i guess. am i crazy? if i have a bunch of dirty dipes in a pul lined wetbag in the car (probably will get hot in the car) will it stink up the car?

any advice?
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In my experience, traveling with cloth can be done, but a wetbag gets pretty stinky after about 3 days. Could you find a laundrymat so you can wash on the road?
We just did this a couple of weeks ago. Dh thought I was crazy, I had a huge duffle bag packed full of diapers, plus another small bag w/them...then we had one suitcase that had all our clothes in it. It seems silly, but I really didn't want to do sposies either. I agree w/the pp-we had ours in a wet bag for about 2 1/2 days and they were getting ripe, but I was able to wash them where we were. Definitely check out the laundry situation. Had we not been able to, it probably would have been a rough ride home!
I'm sure someone has done it and will have better advice for you though. Good luck!
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Someone else here took an extra cooler along and kept the dirties in it, she said there was no stink!
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The cooler is a good idea!

We were only gone for a weekend so this isn't going to be much help, but I had a large Bummis tote to store the wet/dirty diapers and a duffle for the clean ones. We are taking a long trip next month - we'll be away from home for 8 days, so that will be the test for me. I'll be able to wash them before we leave though, and we are flying so basically nothing I've said does you any good
: nevermind
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We're going to be on the road for three weeks this summer and I've been going back and forth on this issue as well. DH says we won't have much room in the van so we should buy sposies as we go, but I want to show of my dipes! Still trying to figure it out, so for now:
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Last year we drove from San Diego to Yellowstone and then took the extra long way back. Almost 3 weeks on the road. We used cloth the entire time. When we were in areas without laundry then I would handwash pockets and prefolds. When we were in an area with laudry I would launder the pockets and prefolds, then dry only the prefolds and take the pockets to our campsite and hang those to dry.
It was a lot easier then I thought it would be.
I agree with the PP though, the diapers will begin to smell after a couple days so you will need to do laundry at least one times while you are gone.
We kept everything in our trashcan with bummis liner, I had 1 deodisk in the can and 1 in the liner to help keep smells down.
It worked really well for us.
We took cloth along on ou one week vacation. In the car I put them in ziplock bags to keep the stink down. Then I put them all in the PUL bag.
We have a washing machine in our vacation home, so i washed down there, but I would have just went to the laundrymat if not. My daughter gets a terrible red bottom when in disposables for even one hour. So I had no choice.
We did a week's vacation during spring break, and I've gone camping with cloth a few times. I ALWAYS bring the diaper pail - to me, it's easier than fnding an alternative. If there's no laundry facilities where we are, I take an errand day into town, do diapers at the laundromat, and shop for groceries. The kids like it at the laundromt, because they can watch TV

If you plan on washing every couple of days, you can bring fewer clothes, too - washing them, you don't need as much luggage
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Yep, I'm getting ready to travel with cloth... I'm going to store clean ones in a laundry basket for easy access on the road (2 days drive!), and put dirty ones in my extra large diaper bag from happy tushies. Luckily we are visiting our families, so we won't have to use a laundry mat, but I would totally do that if we needed to... I just can't bring myself to buy sposies, plus I'm scared of blow-outs and leaking!
I just did a weekend trip in with my 2 boys in cloth. It was no biggy, since there was laundry access at the hotel.

I put all the clean ones in a huge REI dry bag from our kayaking days. (sad, I miss that!) and brought several heavy duty trash bags. The "dry" bag is very sturdy and I checked it no worries. I have a wet bag from happy tushies that I used on the plane in my backpack.

When we got to the hotel, I lined the dry bag with a heavy duty trash bag, and just used that as my "Pail" I washed right before we left, so all I had to pack was two dirties.

Worked like a charm.

And, I plan to do cloth on our 17 day trip later this summer, which will include both air travel and road-tripping. Call me hardcore, but I need to be able to show off my fluff!
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In my opinion, how much those diapers will stink depends a lot on the quality of the poo in them! I would never try to go a week without washing 3yo toddler diapers, but I just found a week old BF pooed diaper from my 8 week old, not very smelly at all! :LOL
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ugh. many good points. i almost decided to just forget it and buy disposables. driving in the car with a 2 1/2 yr old and 4 mo old will be interesting enough w/o smelling poopie diapers
but kari makes a good point - the diapers will only be for the bf'ed babe, so not the stinkiest kind! we won't have access to laundry - we are going to a cottage for 2 days then a hotel the rest of the time. we have the days planned and a trip to the laundromat wouldn't be fun. but poop blowouts aren't fun either and everytime ds is in a sposie he ends up needing his whole outfit changed everytime he poos. hmmm... i still have a day to decide.

thanks for the responses!
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We're off later today for a few days camping. I'm bringing cloth-you bet! I bought a wet bag in preparation for this.
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