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DS has had his second bout of wheezing in one month. Both required nebulizers and prednisone. The ped wants to put him on Singulair as a preventitive.<br><br>
He's been on prednisone for two days, and I've seen significant behavioral changes. He's waking up crying, inconsolable for 20 minutes or so. He's crying frequently and is very clingy. He wants to sleep a lot. His sickness seems to be getting better, and at his worst point of the sickness, he wasn't this whiny. He's generally a very good-natured easy going child.<br><br>
I am extremly reluctant to begin Singulair, as many of the side effects I've seen from the prednisone are also connected w/ Singulair.<br><br>
I've been doing a bit of reading about treating asthmatic symptoms w/ acupressure, a chiropractor, and cod liver oil. Has anyone used these techniques w/ success (or failure for that mattter)?<br><br>
I REALLY don't want to put him on daily meds...<br><br>
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