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treating yeast in men

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I've been battling a yeast infection for the last two months. I'll get over it or almost over it and then it will flare up again. After some trial and error I've finally determined that dh is giving it to me. Or at least it flares again after sex.

Therefore I've told him nothing's happening until he's cleared unless he's wearing a condom.
We feel kind of silly using protection while I'm gestating but doing so is keeping me yeast-free at least.

So... how do we treat dh - naturally if possible? I know how to take care of it for myself but not so sure how to do so most effectively with him. He already has a low to no sugar diet. Probably could eliminate a few more grains and add some probiotics, though. If he applies something topically (coconut oil, acv, etc.) how often should he do it and for how long?

Oh he's circed, btw, if it makes a difference.

Thanks for any advice!
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Men get yeast overgrowth for the same reasons as women, and recurrent infections are likely to be a sign of systemic candida. If it's systemic, topical treatment will help control symptoms temporarily but not heal the underlying cause. My ex-bf used to give me recurrent yi until I made him reduce his grain intake - he would eat like literally a whole loaf of bread a day - and start eating yogurt. My yeast issues have not totally resolved, but are under control with a grain, dairy, and sugar free diet, high dose biotin (I've done up to 16 mg/day, 8 for maintenance), and probiotics. Really, yeast overgrowth can be caused by different things for different people so figuring that out is the hardest part.

Does he have/had any mercury (silver) fillings in his teeth? Antibiotic or steroid use? Allergies, asthma, eczema?

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