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treatment for hot spot

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I was wondering if people had any suggestions for how to deal with hot spots...I'm pretty sure the reason it is so bad is because he refuses to leave it there something I can put on it that will keep him from licking it and biting at it?

I cut the hair and have been putting neosporin and benadryl on it but he just licks it all off within moments and continues biting it...its at the base of his tail and its gotten so bad that he is bleeding...I'm pretty sure it wouldnt have been anything serious to begin with but he is just the sort of obsessive, anxious dog that compulsively aggravates that sort of thing.

I hate to see him so miserable and in all honesty, even beyond his discomfort, it's kind of an eye sore. I would prefer to use something natural. I'm thinking the cause of it is fleas because we've been stuggling with them recently, and finally, after constant bathing and laundry, vacuuming and lavender, we've used frontline and that combined with everything else seems to have gotten the fleas off of him.

Anyway, TIA if anyone has any ideas.
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When it's that bad you might want to get one of those plastic collar things so that he *can't* mess with it for awhile and it can heal. I hope someone else has a better idea though.
nak...i agree w/pp. she's talking about an e-collar (elizabethan.) poor doggie
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