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Treatment for psoriatic arthritis?

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Hi there,

There is a long history or psoriatic and rheumatoid arthritis in my family, and I've recently began to suspect that I have developed psoriatic arthritis. I will probably see my local rheumatologist eventually, but I am breastfeeding and would like to have another child in the future....I do not want to take methotrexate or anything else as damaging (such as an immuno-suppressor) or be asked to wean. I have heard that emu oil is an excellent treatment, but I am a vegetarian and don't want to have to go that route.

So far, I have pain in my feet and hands, and also my back. My feet are the only part that has shown any sign of the psoriatic involvement (dry and scaly and my nails are thickening and brittle).

Any suggestions? Changes in diet? I do plan on getting back into yoga soon (I used to be an instructor, but I had to quit due to a complicated pregnancy...and now it is hard due to a high need baby). Thanks in advance!
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Just wishing you luck. My sister has psoriatric arthritis, but has gone the drug route. I hope you can find a natural solution- the drugs have so many side effects.
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A friend of mine just recommended 'shiatsu' for my synovia rheumatism. I can't recommend it yet, but I am planning on getting a book to learn about it. From what I've read on a search it could make sense and is worth a try.
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