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I noticed an earlier post talking about trellises for cukes? Does that work? What else do you trellis that I should know about? LOL! We got our (very first!) garden in kinda late this year. We planted beans, peas, zucchini, canteloupe, cukes and some other things. I've been meaning to get strings/stakes for the beans and tomatoes, should I do that for the cukes, too??? THanks!
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Trellies work great for pretty much any kind of vining plant. I like to let my cukes climb because it takes up less space than sprawling vines and also keeps them cleaner and easier to pick.

I've also grown canteloupe, mini-pumpkins, watermelons, morning glories, beans, all sorts of stuff on trellises. For the melons, it helps to make a "sling" for each individual melon and attach it to the trellis, otherwise the weight of the melon will pull the vine down or make the fruit break off. Old pantyhose work great for the "slings."

Hope your garden grows wonderfully this year!
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