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triangle mommies...wanna get together?

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Y'all wanna get together again before the craziness of school starts? I'm thinking Sips coffee and tea again, unless someone has a better suggestion. I'm open to anything, as long as there's caffiene involved and you all don't mind me jumping up every now and again to chase my child.
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I do I do! When?

I'll be there as of Monday. Yay!'ll be here Monday? Wow! Where are you coming from, again? My memory ain't what she used to be.
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Holy crap! Well, if you're up to it, Monday works fine for me! When do y'all leave TX?

I don't get in until late Monday but I have to be in Durham for the walkthrough on Tueday morning.
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Groovy! Well Emomom, since you live in Cary, where's a good spot for you? Sheena is going to be in the South Durham area, near Southpoint. I'm in North Durham but I drive all over hell and creation every week anyway for ds's multiple therapies, so driving is no big deal to me.

Wednesday is looking okay for me after 10am, same with Thursday, Friday is wide open so far.
I'll come! I love caffiene!
Yay! Okay, we need to get a where and when consenus going here, y'all.

Sips Coffee and Tea? Southpoint Mall? A Park?

Help me out here, folks.
Im good for southpoint or a park, I dont mind driving. Thurs afternoon at 2:45 is our only appt next week.
Okay, I'm going to try to book the play therapist for monday, how's wednesday, 10:30ish for everyone?
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Hi! We'll play, too. I'll have three kids, 7, 5, and 1.5 with me! Sips is fine, Southpoint is probably better... or an outdoor park if it is GORGEOUS like today. Duke Park? Finch, you're the great park picker!
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I think Duke Park is my new favorite park.
Man, that tower is so cool. I wanna go down that slide....

Since Emomom is meeting us, I think we should go with somewhere near the Southpointe area. Or if y'all are up to drive to Cary, there's a fantabulous park out there called Fred Bond Metro Park that has a really nice play area with picnic tables.

If no go for Cary, then a nice park in South Durham somewhere?
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It makes me paranoid to take my nieces out on the highway, since they're not my kids. It just seems so fast. We will definitely be up for Cary another week, though. That park sounds fun!

Southpoint is great by us. Do you like Forest Hills? That is in S Durham, but I'm happy to try something new, too! Y'all pick.
Oh, and I am SO going down that slide next time we go to that park!!!
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LOL....well, if Emomom is willing to drive, then I say Duke Park and then Sips afterward, or we could do Rockwood park and then Sips?
So glad I checked this out! I have dial-up and it's slow, plus so busy that I haven't been on line much. Wednesday near Southpoint sounds great for me. I am flexible though. Thurs. AM I am going to LLL.

I will check back here for the time and place.

I have some info to share about a doc I visited last week!

ETA -- since I am new to the area can you all please be specific about the meeting area? I know that Southpoint has an indoor and outdoor area. I do have a few good maps and I am good with directions, so I should be OK.
Plagio, welcome!! If we give you directions (google maps), would you be willing to meet us at a park?
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Can I play?? I'm a new Triangle transplant...I live in CH. I know about how to get to Whole Foods and Target so I'll need directions!
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