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Triangle Playgroup: V-Day crafts

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I am game to host again Wednesday, Feb 10, assuming the weather and life cooperate.
And, I was thinking some glue, glitter and all sorts heart-shaped stamps, stickers and cutouts should be in order.
Wanna come "craft" (and I use that term loosely) with me and my little ones?
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great idea!!!

If we aren't over this cold by then I will have lost my mind

We're in if we're better in time!
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If glitter is involved, better your house than mine. I don't allow it. I'd have sparkly carpet for the rest of our time living here.
I'll come up with a v-day treat to bring if you want. I have never been into this holiday, but this year feels different. Maybe because N is actively wanting to participate in it? I finally have been bitten (but just a little nibble) by the Valentines Day bug.

Oh, and I found a cute activity online that I was going to bring to the next indoor playdate. I can save it for another time, or when I host next. It involves threading cheerios on pipe cleaners to make bird feeders. Good for fine motor!
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YAY! I'm game! Sounds like fun.
MUST. LEAVE. THE. HOUSE. Caden was begging to go to the park the the rain. It's that bad.]

We're in. Totally. And I'll bring my carriers.
yeah, we will come, but prob no crafts for us.
I would like to try and come along too. Where and when do you all meet?
Ivan's Mom, this week we will be meeting at my house. I will PM you with the details. Welcome!
Poor Nicholas! April, hope he feels better soon.
H- would you like us to bring something? Part of the craft? Or a safe snack for everyone?
I am not about to turn down an allergy-free snack. I have hummus and veggies and can pop popcorn if we run out of those, but I am not as experienced with baking dairy and soy free as you are.

As far as the crafts, we are more than set, although if there is something special you want the kids to do you can bring it. We had fun picking out all the stickers, paper, glitter, etc.
Can I bring anything?
ok! I'll whip us up a special allergy friendly snack to bring

I'll think of something good...or you'll just get more coffee cake
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Umm ... more coffee cake would rock my world, and I don't even have any allergies.
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Oooooh, I wanna play! I'm totally free wednesday and ready to craft! I'll bring snacks too!

Originally Posted by April Dawn View Post
We're out for this week. Nicholas is really miserable. We just got back from the doctor and it turns out he has an ear infection and now he's on antibiotics. I don't want to share whatever he has with the other kids, so we'll skip this week - but hopefully I'll see you all next week! Have fun with all the glitter!

I hope he feels better soon April! Sick babies are no fun.

So, in case you haven't seen my FB update, it looks like K is allergic to peanuts.
He had a scary reaction yesterday after getting his hands on a PB cookie, but he is okay. I'm still figuring out what this means, but wanted to give you guys a heads up. I think we are just going to have to be extremely careful if any of the kids have PB for lunch. Wash hands after eating, and don't leave it laying around. I hope that is okay. I'm a little freaked out about it right now.
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