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any links or info about how to go about doing it?

i don't think i'm quite at the stage where i can actually train the way i would like. my littlest is still 3 and dh works out of town so i'm on my own a lot.
but, that being said, i currently run 3 days a week and bike twice and i was a competitive swimmer so it's just a matter of getting back in the pool and finding the time to be able to train. (i also weight train 4 days a week).

i'm curious as to what's involved.

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I just completed two tris this summer, the sprint distance and the olympic distance. I tried to fit in three workouts for each sport in every week minimum. After a couple months of training I threw in one brick workout a week. Rest is very important when training for tris! Even more so then some other sports I think because of the multiple kinds of stress and fatigue put on your muscles. Honestly I did not use a training guide. I knew the longest distances I would be doing were the .9 mile swim/25 mile bike/ 10k run and worked towards being able to complete those distances separately and also combining bricks of nearly those distances. I am lucky enough to have a tri club in town which also helped along with the training.

Some good references are also mentioned in this thread:

How to get started
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