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Tribe for those who can't seem to NOT get pregnant!!

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I know that I should feel very lucky to have such an easy time getting pregnant, grow such big healthy babies, and have an easy time giving birth...BUT...
without using hormonal birth control, I have been utterly unsuccessful at planning any of my 3 pregnancies.
Anybody else like this??
I can't take the pill forever, it's just not healthy, and it makes me nauseous (even the low-dose stuff). I tried the patch between #2-#3, then found out about the deaths related to it and got off it quick! (Though I really didn't like how sick it made me feel and how it affected my milk supply).
My husband can't climax wearing a condom, so it's just not fair.
We've used NFP along with a Babycomp fertility monitor....but I still end up pregnant even adding a few extra days of abstinence for "safety". (I mean, are his little guys wearing SWAT team survival gear or something?!?!)
I'm allergic to spermicidal foams and inserts. And it freaks me out having anything "permanent" like an IUD inside me.
And my husband will not even have an adult conversation regarding a vasectomy (which we don't want yet, we want more children, but EVENTUALLY!)
What's a woman to do to get a few years break from being pregnant?!?!
Please don't be offended if you have a difficult time conceiving...I know my "problem" is NOTHING in comparison. But I feel like I have the right to vent too.

- Krista
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We're using a diaphragm, which does use spermacide, and NFP. And then, if I feel really fertile, we may throw in a condom for good measure.

Maybe you could use the fertility stuff, then a diaphragm (made of silicone, so no latex issues) and a condom sans spermacide during your fertile time?

I hear you. We're finished, but vasectomy is not something that my husband wants to do, which I fully support, and I DO NOT want to be pregnant again.
OMG! I know how it feels to be sensitive to EVERY available form of BC!! I only have one child, but after having a mc, I felt like I was prego for 2.5 years when he was born. My bf and I don't use anything (not even NFP). He pulls out. Besides that, we are only in the same state (I, OK, he AR) on the weekends and every four weeks when I go on the road with him. I was shocked not to be prego this New Years (seemingly the only time I have ever conceived).

Does anyone know of other forms of spermicide besides nonoxynol-9???
LOL... I figured out that I have been pregnant every year since getting married (aug 2000). Non of our pregnancies were planned (but they were def not un welcome), 2 were with condoms, one was a night of just not caring... I'm not allergic to anything BC wise, but don't like the idea of something implanted or semi permanant, and the pill makes me ill, so yeah, I know where you're coming from
Your story is EXACTLY my story with one interesting exception, my dd (born in 2000) and this pregnancy (due November 2006) were both conceived while I was on the pill. My friends joke that I attract babies that really want to be born. I guess so. I cannot take the pill anymore because obviously it does not work and it makes me so sick in the process. I was on the patch and had to go off because of break through bleeding and the deaths associated, my midwives took all their patients off of it. DS (baby #2) was the only one we planned and I got pregnant the first try, even felt the little bugger implanting. It is amazing. And my husband will not talk about a vasectomy either. He said he is "thinking" about it. I told him he has until this baby is born in November to think about it. The more permanent solutions on my end are drastic and full surgeries and I feel like my body has done alot in the last 5 years. We would be happy with more children, but honestly three is all I think I can handle for a wide variety of reasons.

Thank you for creating a venting spot. My best friend cannot get pregnant because her husband (he is considerably older than her) has very low motility. And two of my other friends are over 40 and have been trying to get pregnant for years. So I always feel guilty being so fortunate. I am very happy about this baby but really scared about what we are going to do after this one.
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