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Hubbie and I have finally committed to a homebirth and now we begin the process of getting it paid for. We live 3 miles from Bethesda Naval Hospital, so there's no way to get a referral out. I've also decided that I'm not going to drop down to Tricare Standard because I have a complicated thyroid condition and want to keep going to Bethesda.

So.. that leaves me with the Point of Service option.
My midwife is a CNM, which helps. But she isn't registered with Tricare.
Has anyone used the POS option? Is it hard to get providers registered? And do they pay them directly or do they pay me after the fact?

My other concern is if I tell them I am doing a homebirth with a CNM BEFORE the birth, and then we transfer to Bethesda, will I be billed for a hospital birth by Tricare?!

Thanks so much for any help and advice you can give. I've read all their info online, and have talked to them, but get lots of different answers.
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