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trim fitted for skinny babe

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My 11-month old ds is rapidly growing out of his size 1 kissaluvs in the rise. He is a super tall and skinny babe. The size 2 kissaluvs aren't working well for us because we can't get the thigh openings tight enough and I'm tired of washing poop off his wool covers. I'm considering selling all of my size 2's (even though we've only had them for a month!) and finding something that will work better for my baby who is just getting taller and skinnier. I need something fairly quickly so getting on the Elbee waitlist isn't practical. Recommendations?
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Honeyboy AIO's are a great trim diaper for my tall thin boy! For fitteds, are nice, too! Trim and a good fit.

I have a tall boy as well, and the size 2s were way too low in the rise. For higher rise AIOs, I like Angel Wraps. I've also had good luck with Sugar Peas, since the size 2s have an adjustable rise. Not sure if she has any instock, but she's been trying to stock at least once a week. You could sign up for her mailing list.
I also have a tall, skinny boy (at 2.25 years, he's about 36 inches and 26 lbs), and I'd recommend these fitteds which you should be able to get instock:

1. Bikini cut cuddlebuns (various WAHM's, you might want to get hemp for absorbency).

2. First class baby ( makes a relatively high rise, trim between the crotch side snapping diaper. You might want to email Tiffany to see if size 1 or size 2 would fit him better-- the size 2 is a bit big on my skinny guy.

I'd also recommend Righteous Baby FLAG diapers, but they're a bit harder to come by, though I've seen them for sale on the trading post.

Edited to add that some people like the fit of SOS on their skinny toddlers-- again, hard to buy from instock, but are often for sale on the TP.

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Check out the fitted diapers at I just discovered them the other day (they are sold at a real life shop in my town) and I love them! They are very trim-fitting on my tall and skinny babes (one is tall, one is tall AND skinny :LOL). My babies weigh about 20 lbs (maybe a little less for the skinny guy), and they are wearing the large with room to grow (but not enough room for leaks).

What's most amazing about these diapers is that they practically work as AIOs. I mean, I wouldn't trust it for more than a couple hours, but when we're home I don't use covers.

And they are quite affordable!

Our trimmest fitteds are:

Righteous Baby FLAG


Full Moon Baby Gear also fit my skinny guy very well. The best fit for us are those and SOS. Sugarpeas covers work great, but I could never get the diapers to fit right. Side snapping in general doesn't work well for my son, so FLAG's didn't work well either. I had the same problem fit with FMBG as I did with Sugarpeas - the snaps just weren't in the right places for him. I also just ordered a fitted from because it looked like it might fit him well.

Anyway, so far we've had the best luck with Country Cuttins and SOS.
Wow, I never realized how many cute diaper options are out there. The SOS's and Fluffymail ones look adorable. I'm already a "sling junkie" and I know my dh will freak out if I become a "diaper junkie" too. I think I will try to get my hands on a few fluffymail dipes. Thanks so much for all of your suggestions.
how about fireflies? i haven't tried them on a toddler yet, but i bet they'd be great

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oh my, if you don't want to become a diaper junkie you'd better run far from here & fast! LOL
I 2nd going to the TP to try out diapers. You can get some of the most sought after WAHMs & sample differnt things, just have to know what you are looking for, then you are hooked!
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