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Trim, nighttime fitted? Does it exist?

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Hi mamas: I guess the title says it all - just curious if there is an option where ds won't have to fall asleep with his butt in the air just so he can stay dry.
I heard good things about Dream-eze, maybe Swaddlebees for nighttime (I like quicky-dry, obtainable dipes, too!)? Do those work? Any other suggestions? WOuld you need to use a staydry liner? TIA!
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VB simply nights aren't especially trim; however they are trimmer in the crotch area than some options, so i find that my kids don't have to waddle as much as when we were using an overstuffed fuzzi bunz. But they still have lots of layers, so it is bulky on the bum.
IMO, nightime trim means wet sheets. Don't try it.
Eezi-fold hemp fitted diapers aree fairly trim We use with a fleece topped jamtots doubler with no problems.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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