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Trim, snug covers

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I am always on the lookout for a snug fitting, trim cover that can hold a trifolded prefold or prefitted with no pins/snappi.

I have used bummis sww, proraps, a Benjamuffins side snap, a side snap wool cover from Wild Oats diapers. I am sure theres more, but thats all I can think of off the top of my head.

I have plenty of covers I use over my fitteds, but I want something else for when I am in the trifolded prefold mood. LOL
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Wool or PUL? It's kind of a simple cover but I really like Cuddlewools. You can get them nice and tight and trim.
My trimmest covers are from - fleece, wool, or PUL - they're all fantastic!
Yes! Loveybums are great! IMO they're very similar to Cuddlewool.
Wool,pul, either or.... I had a loveybums for my son, but didnt like it all that much...

Well, instead I ended up buying some disposanots. LOL Cant wait to finally try them!
I love organic wraps from

The aplix ones are so trim and also very stretchy and soft....great for trifolded prefolds!
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oh, those little beetle wool look nice!!
Anybody know where to get CuddleWool? I can't seem to find anywhere where they still sell it.
I was going to suggest Loveybums wool jersey covers. THey are thin, airy and hold in everything.
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