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TrimSpa and breastfeeding **UPDATE ON 7-7-04...READ POST #8**

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or No?

I read the box yesterday. It's to curb your appetite. I need help with that. Not one place on the box did it say not for nursing mothers. If I just didn't eat all the time, I would be fine. I eat breakfast and lunch, and a good dinner, but it's all the $*&$#$&)(#& snacking in between!! Help!! Can I really use TrimSpa. I am going to ask my kids' pedi next week. He said I could use Slim Fast. Haven't tried it yet. It's just my middle. I even have a flat butt. It's my stomach and boobs. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
: Oh, I am walking and watching what I eat...but that's the problem: I watch it go right into my mouth. It's like the Seafood Diet...I eat what I see.
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I would say no.

My friend tried it and she said that it made her feel like she was on speed. That sort of dry mouth, jumping out of your skin feeling. She could not sleep at all when she took it. She then read the reviews of it on a product board (that reviews exercise and diet products) and many people said the same thing. Also many people took it for a few months, dropped about 5 pounds, and then gained it back as soon as they went off. That just sucks! You can't be on that stuff forever. That can't be good for breastfeeding, either.

Can you return it to the store and get your money back? I know what you mean about snacking--but there is just no substitue for making better food choices long term.

LDSmomma6, you might want to think *why* you're eating when you're not hungry. Are you bored? Are you dealing with uncomfortable emotions? Are you thirsty? Are you tired and trying to stay awake? Are you feeling out of control? Stressed out? Are you "filling up" because you feel empty and drained? Etc. You get the picture.

I'm dealing with this issue right now. I over-eat way too often and usually it's emotional like I'm angry or very sad. Tonight I was very saddened by something my DH said and I watned to run to my chocolate bar but decided to feel the emotion and let it pass. I'm still not sure that I konw what that means but I know personally I want to deal with my emotions in other ways beside food. So I felt my saddness. Then I lost the desire for the chocolate but an hour later I ate it out of boredom. LOL It's a start.
Anyhow, just something to think about it or this might not relate to you at all!
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No, it can affect your supply or your baby physiologically. Please check and refer to the diet and supplement section.

You may just want to change your eating plan and eat healthily so you don't feel starved, drink lots of water, and all that. Perhaps even see a nutritionist or dietician. Really, feeling like you want to eat all the time and getting to the point of taking a pill to seemingly "cure" it is no way to live.

I wouldn't suggest using trimspa,slim fast,or any other diet plan *NOT* specifically aimed at the nutritional needs of the nursing mother.

Nursing mothers are often hungrier because it takes around 500 calories a day just to produce the milk your baby needs. Do you *feel* hungry when you eat? If so,you may *need* to eat!! Just try to make choices that are healthy. For example,instead of grabbing a donut for a sweet tooth,eat a piece of whole wheat toast with some jelly or with a side of fruit. Also,try to prepare for the hunger that is bound to strike! Take healthy snacks with you wherever you go...makes "grab and go" foods less of a temptation. Even portioning out snacks for the day and having them handy in the fridge or cupboard can really make a difference. Most times it's not eating that is the problem,it is WHAT is being eaten!

Here are a few links you might find helpful:

I would also highly recommend reading the book EAT WELL,LOSE WEIGHT WHILE BREASTFEEDING. It has great info,and even recipes!

Also,weight watchers has a plan for nursing mothers if you prefer to use a diet plan.
Slim Fast may not give you enough calories/nutrients to support both you and your nursing baby. Something to think about...
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just as an fyi... I went to trim spa's website, and they DO NOT recommend it for pregnant or nursing mothers.
What about fiber supplements? Someone just recommended these to me today. They are perfectly fine for breastfeeding and make you feel a little fuller to curb snacking. I am going to try it.
Yes, what about fiber supplements? I am so bummed. Don't know why I snack ALL THE TIME!! Guess because I am a junk-o-holic, and I just eat it because I know it's good??
Let me give you yesterday of what I ate:

Breakfast: 1 ice cream sandwich
Lunch: Chick-fil-a w/coleslaw and Caffeine Diet Coke
Snack: 3 more ice cream sandwiches
Dinner: one bite of tuna casserole that I made for my family but I was on my way to a meeting, so I didn't eat more.
Dessert: 2 slices of Angelic Coconut cake at the meeting, and 1 more when I got home.

Breakfast: nothing
Lunch: 2 slices of school cheese pizza and 8 oz. choc. milk (public schools give free lunches to all children 1-18, but I bought mine when I took kids today)
Snack: 1 BIG slice of Angelic Coconut cake and Route 44 Dr. Pepper
Dinner: I am suppose to be making tacos.

Ok, see what I am eating? Junk!! I am just so sick of it, and my size 16 jeans are getting soooo tight!! I had to take them off the minute I got home because the snap was digging into my stomach. I am still doomed to maternity tops. I am so bummed. I know I need to walk more, I know I need to eat healthier, I know I need to get off sodas, I know I need to quit making sinful desserts. I just can't help myself. And then DH always wants to go out to get ice cream or take me out to eat, and I want to eat what I want. Not what I should be eating.

I am just a hopeless case!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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You're not hopeless,mama! You're BUSY. Busy is what makes it tempting/easy to snack on things we shouldn't.

Again,my best suggestion is to have things in the house that are good to eat. Go ahead an portion yourself out some snacks so that when hunger strikes,you'll eat something *good* instead of just an ice cream sandwich.

Some ideas:
hard boiled eggs
slices of cheese
veggies cut and ready to eat
fruit cut and ready to eat
tiny cans of fruit
whole grain crackers
whole grain toast

Remember that eating junk leads to eating more junk.
It's okay to have a piece of a cake you make from time to time BUT if you eat nothing but cake and ice cream you won't feel very good. So,don't deprive yourself of the things you love and don't deprive yourself of eating out at the restuarnants that you and your dh love to eat at...just do both in moderation.

And do your best to add a little physical activity to your day. Did you know that you can break down a full 30 min workout into 10 minute spurts throughout the day? Studies have shown that doing that is just as effective as doing a 30 minute workout at once! You can do it,mama!!

P.S. No diet or fiber pill will aid in weight-loss without also eating better and exercising.
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By the looks of it, you're setting the tone for the whole day with breakfast. Instead of ice cream or nothing, how about a low fat yogurt with wheat germ and ground flax seeds sprinkled in it? It'll give you the "sweet" taste you like while being healthier... Or a bowl of rolled oats (non instant) with wheat germ and honey?

For snacks, keep bags of granola around (Giant Eagle has flavored natural good!) or some good organic fruits ( MAKES me eat them because they're so expensive that I can't stand watching them go to waste).

Maybe those small steps will help you go in the right direction? A month ago, I was a junk food/white flour/sugar addict, but I pretty much turned it all around because Brandon has to eat a gluten free diet (so I buy him all organic/natural foods), I want to eat well like my baby!

Good luck!
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