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Triphasic charts

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If a chart is going to go triphasic when does that 3rd set of temps usually start?
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On a triphasic chart, the next shift in temp can be expected to occur after implantation, which has an average range of 7-10 dpo. So, judging from that, I'd say somewhere around 8-12 dpo, give or take a few days of course.
will you look at my chart and see if that is triphastic? Please?
If you discard that one really high post-o temp, and pretend to ignore today's temp, you could say that it is triphasic.

My initial gut reaction though, was that this chart isn't triphasic. But, that doesn't mean pregnancy will not result - a triphasic chart isn't a pre-requisite for a bfp.
Also, I get triphasic charts nearly every month, and last month I even had a dip around when implantation should have occured, but, no bfp. So, my confidence in the value of triphasic charts is quite low. (that said, I am marching myself home just now to poas, even though we have severe male factor issues that were not treated this month and the odds in my favour are slim, slim, slim)
I hope you get your bfp, pronto!
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Well I could ignore todays temp because it wasn't taken under ideal circumstances. I thought about discarding it but figured I would keep it. Tomorrows temp should tell as my longest lp is 13 days. If FF was right tomorrow will be 13dpo. If my temp is up I will poas.
Good luck to you mama!!
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Hmmpph. So I guess there is no getting around this 2WW huh ... Massaginmommy - I dont know that I would call that triphasic but it does look promising!
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