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I share diapers with a friend, so I was being very careful about protecting the prefolds from rash cream b/c technically the batch of prefolds I'm using belongs to her. Triple Paste works best for DD, but I know it's not considered to be cloth diaper friendly. I was using various liners to protect the diapers, and they ended up not working so well, and then I was stressing out over having to buy flushable liners or fancier fleece liners as a way of protecting the diapers, and then I just got frustrated and decided to just use the cream with nothing protecting the diaper and deal with the outcome later
thinking that if I had to replace some of the prefolds so be it. I was obviously tired and not thinking clearly.

Anyway, the end of this saga is that low and behold, the prefolds seem to be just fine after coming out of a normal wash load! Have any of you ever had this experience with Triple Paste? I can find no trace of a stain, any roughness on the prefold, nothing! I'm so happy because if it washes out this easily, and works so well on DD, I just saved myself a bunch of money on liners
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