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Any ideas?

My dd is 7 1/2 months old. She has been exclusively breastfed and loves every minutes of it. She wouldn't even look at a bottle, even if it had breatmilk in it.

I tried rice cerel with breastmilk at 6 months - she spit it out, so I took a break, figuring that she wasn't ready.

On summer excursions she helped us pick fruit and loved sucking on peaches and plums. Back at home I have given her pieces of fruit to suck on, but she chokes if she gets a chuck in her mouth.

Trying to spoon feed her homemade pureed fruits and veggies is a nightmare! She doesn't understand the whole "spoon" concept. She would rather lick the highchair tray...

I have also tried a sippy cup - she'll drink the fruits and veggies, but then they are watered down and it fills her up before she gets enough nutrition.

She is crawling now and is very active. She seems hungry and frustrated. Does anyone have any ideas?

much thanks,

Ally & Baby Bella
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