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Troubles with pocket dipes

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I have a now 12mo yo who is pretty skinny--31 inches and 19 lbs. I have used prefolds and covers from like week one on her. I wanted to use a pocket dipe at night b/c I likes the idea of adding as much absorbancy as needed and the fleece keeping her dry all night. She sleeps 12-14hrs at a stretch. I tried wonderoos and fuzzybunz and it seems like no matter how I snap them, they leak every night (and the inserts will not be close to being soaked). I've actually just been using infant prefolds to double up with my premiums and using bummis covers at night. This system keeps leaks away, but she still can get rashy at times. Any suggestions to keep her drier at night with those little skinny legs?
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I had this problem when my babe was first born and had bird legs. The pee would just roll off the fleece out the leg. It drove me batty! I ended up just using fitteds and covers. You might stick with your prefold/cover combo and just add a strip of fleece against her skin to keep her dry. Just go to Joann's and get some microfleece and cut it into strips. You don't have to do anything to the edges. Fleece doesn't fray. Sorry I can't help you more.
That's a good idea. Thanks for the tip! I guess that pocket dipes are just not skinny baby friendly!
My kids are built this way too, and we love the fit of Snap-EZ .
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