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Okay, my partner whom I love eternally and is so supportive and loving is driving me a bit nuts. We were revisiting the OB vs. midwife route this evening. He has this notion that there should be some sort of time limit on my labor. If we stick with the OB, he says that we should only let me labor for 12 hours and then do a c-section. What kind of nonsense is this, you all must be thinking. After being with me through what he considers a 36 hour labor (it was really much less as he is counting from when my water broke, not my actual labor which was induced with cervadil and later augmented with pit) and then a c-section, he doesn't want to see me have that difficult recovery again. What do I do with this man???

He also recited all the negatives of our experience with the first birth -

- how the hospital didn't really have my best interests at heart (they pushed me out when I really could have used an extra due to an infection)
- how he felt the doctors would have liked to have done the c-section sooner
- how the doctors and hospitals in general don't like long in hospital labors and so I was some sort of problem.
- and how they would probably prefer I have a planned repeat section.

I told him, based upon what he just said, that I am inclined to switch to the midwife even at this late stage (25 weeks). He wants to know the cost, a valid concern, but I am frustrated.

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I had a HBAC with my last pregnancy.
Depending on exactly how far along you got with your first can be a good indication of how things will go this time.

With my first pregnancy I was in 'labor' from the first contraction till my c-section for about 24 hours. I only got to 2-3cms so with my last birth I was more like a first time mama.
I started having contractions around 2pm and had him the next day just before 5pm.

Personally I would feel way more comfortable with a midwife as opposed to an OB. I don't trust them after my 1st c-section.

He needs to realize that women were made to give birth!

What was your reasoning for your c-section?
You can do this mama!
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