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Truly Clean?

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Awhile back, Holly (Kermit) noted that when she added a bit of bleach to her diaper load, she had no smell in the diaper pail or even in the morning with a nighttime diaper.

This got me to thinking . . .are my diapers really clean? They smell OK after a pee, but horrible in the morning (and I use the same general system for day/night). And, of course, the pail really smells, too!
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My analysis of the stinky diaper problem:

If your diapers smell fine after they are peed in during the day, then it's not your diapers that stink. If your diapers only stink after a night time diaper, then it's your baby's pee that stinks (or, rather, the chemical transformation of the pee once it's been sitting around in the diaper for hours).

I can't really relate to the obsession with stinky diapers and cleanliness. I know my diapers are clean-- they smell clean (like nothing, I use sensi-clean), they look clean-- they have no stains (I won't put a dipe on my son if it has stains, I sun everything out), and they absorb well without causing any rashes. I believe that they probably still have "germs" on them, but I'm one of those people that thinks that anti-bacterial products are bad for the environment and people. I don't really sweat the possibility of germs.

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if they smell fine after a pee then i think they are plenty clean. the reason they smell in the pail and overnight is because of the ammonia that forms as pee is exposed to the's perfectly natural.

i however am one in the camp that small amounts of bleach are not all bad. i think i use 1/4 cup bleach every 3-4 weeks in the wash water with my prefolds and hemp things (not covers or anything). they always smell super clean after that wash.
I hate the idea that my diapers may not be super clean. I switched to almost all quick dry diapers. I think they can get cleaner than a sewn in soaker. No way will I use an AIO. I wont use cholrine bleach, but i will do an occasional 1/4 - 1/2 scoop of oxyclean or oxygen bleach. And I sun, sun, sun.

Karla-- I'm with ya on not being too germ-obsessed, just worried that that I was doing something wrong. It would gross me out to put something that was truly unclean on my DD.

Sixpence-- Glad that there's another vote that they are clean. I don't mind a bit of bleach very rarely, but I certainly don't want it to be a necessity in every load.

mamblue-- I'm like you. I stick to CPFs and quick-dry everything.

Thanks for the responses, mamas!
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