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Trying again the cycle after a loss?

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Is it a bad thing? The OB said to wait until after I had one period, but he also said it wouldn't be dangerous to get pregnant before that. My acupuncturist said to wait 2-3 months.

Some moments I want to be pregnant again NOW and others I'm not sure when I'll be ready.

But, I think my body is gearing up to try to ovulate again and I'm thinking about whether we should avoid or not. I definitely don't feel up to the whole OPK, serious trying bit, but I'm not sure if we need to actively avoid.

I would love to hear what your opinions are on this.
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When I first found out I was pregnant, both DH and I were excited. Then I had a miscarriage. I tried the next month and succeeded. I then ended up delivering a stillborn, in which I didn't really try but got pregnant the next month again. I want a baby...

My son is going to be 6 when this one is born and I really didn't want to have my children spaced that far apart. I am tired of being pregnant and not having anything to really show for it yet. I have a son who isn't with me, but I want another that I can get to know I guess...

I don't think I would change anything. I love all of my experiences and the time I have had with my babies. I just hope this one will last a little longer...

Dear Chrissy

I also have feelings like I want to be pregers again right now. The feelings dominate my day. I am so scared though. My condition runs a very high risk of happening again. I just don't Know if I can go through another loss let alone a second trimester loss. But my courage pushes me on. I have started charting just to get in the routine. I don't think I'm ovulating yet and I cant start trying until the first week of May. We'll see what happens though
Whatever is in your heart and don't regret whatever you decide life is way too short and precious for regrets.
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After my first m/c my midwife told me to wait until i had had 1 normal period. I had my m/c at 12.5 wks. I actually didn't have af until 10 wks after the m/c and did not o for a while after that. I got pg the first time that i o'd. I lost that baby at 6wks. my midwife told me i could get pg whenever. No need to wait. We were not trying but not avoiding and got pg right away. I am not sure if i am emotionally ready for this yet. I don't feel very grounded. I certainly do not regret that i am pg, i want a baby so bad. I just want to be able to relax a little. This is just my experience. I think each individual person is different and each loss is different. Do what is in your heart, mama.
My fertility specialust told me that it was OK to start TTC after you'd had one full cycle after a miscarriage. He said that cycle was necessary to make sure the uterine lining had had a chance to replenish. The 2-3 month wait often recommended is for emotional, not physical reasons.
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My first pregnancy ended at 4 months. We were overwhelmed, shocked, sad and so, so afraid. Yet we also knew we were meant to be parents...we just KNEW.

I decided not to wait, and within one month of that delivery was pg again. That pg is now a 32 MO amazing boy. His younger brother is 7 months this weekend.

Regardless of what any professional says, YOU know your heart and emotional state -and there are endless stories of happy endings where pgcy occurred right away.

You will find peace, and your time will come.
I considered it but my first period was a whole 8 days long and extremely heavy which told me I still need to heal more. I usually bleed 3-4 days and I'm done so decided against it. Like others have said my midwife said there is no reason to wait and to go for it if you feel it is right.

Originally Posted by egoldber
My fertility specialust told me that it was OK to start TTC after you'd had one full cycle after a miscarriage. He said that cycle was necessary to make sure the uterine lining had had a chance to replenish.
Do you know if this is assuming you've had a d&c?
I was about to post the same exact question.

Just mc recently, and have this feeling that I starting to O (havent been charting, but cm is getting close). MW also told me its best to wait a month...also to let the lining replenish and for my beta to drop back down (I didnt have a dc)

So, my beta was 80 early this week, Ive stopped bleeding/spotting, dont have another beta til tues...but my heart is telling me to do it now. I honestly dont think I have the patience to wait a whole month. It took us forever to get this far.

(and I have had dreams that I have triplets from tcc after this mc...not sure what that means...but Im interperting it to mean go for it!)
I miscarried on Dec 15. I Ovd & got pregnant on Jan 10. (We weren't TTC...but realized that we'd BD the day I OVd) I am now 22 weeks pregnant

The OB told us that it is only for dating purposes that they tell you to wait at all.
Best wishes mama
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I'm sorry for your loss....

We lost a baby at 22 weeks and did not want to get pg right away. We waited a few months and got pregnant again, only to miscarry early (7 wks). With no connection between the causes of the two losses, we decided not to wait after the miscarriage (which was natural, no D&C) and when my doctor sent me for an u/s 8 weeks after to make sure my body had expelled all the tissue, etc they saw a sac. That was our son, born healthy nine months later!

If there is no particular reason to wait, I would say trust your body and your instincts. Good luck!
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